Mainely Coon´s

About us

We started our cattery in 2009 with the most fantastic female from Björnvreten´s cattery.

When i say we, it mostly means me :) but with the support and love for the cats from all of my family members,

Jonas my love, and my children Jonatan, Isabel and Josefin.

We have a very small cattery with usually only one-two litter a year, to be able to most of all enjoy the feeling of

owning a magnificant cat and breed. 

We live in an apartment during the weeks and in the weekends and holidays we move out with the cats to our house on an small island in the middle of the swedish skargard. Where the cats can roam free and fully enjoy the outdoor life.

We are a cattery registered in Sverak and follow all their rules and regulations.

We are members of Stockholm cat club.


A kitten from us leaves with,

Pedigree in Sverak
Veterinary inspection certificate, not older than 7 days
Vaccinated twice

Kitten pack with food, toy etc.

Blanket with our scent

Hidden error-insured at Agria for 3 years
Used to being handled

and a Lifelong support from us